Hi. My name is Zheng, like zing-zang.

Hence, the birth of this site.

I enjoy life, people and food. I come alive when I am around people. I enjoy learning about people and their stories. I am thrilled whenever I get the chance to share their story through my camera lens.

During your time with me, you can expect:

– Loads of laughter. I am pretty goofy (don’t be fooled by that serious face on that left..)

– Professionalism

– Endless chatters about food (!!!)

– A quality product that you’ll be proud of

Everybody deserves a good photo of themselves. It takes personality to draw out personality. Let me capture the moments, your personality, your laughter, your passion and your vision – let me capture you.

You are awesome. You are special. And you are worth it.

Talk soon!

Joyfully Yours,

Zheng Chia