Good Enough

I am a pretty ballsy individual #humblebrag

I am not afraid of traveling anywhere by myself. Not intimidated by crowds. Not deterred by the occasional crap that life throws at me.

But I am terrified, and absolutely horrified that I will make the mortal mistake of being okay with options that seem ‘good enough.’

If I could live with good enough, I’ll never live to see the day of what my best could look like.

I might not taste the defeat of the road less traveled if I went with good enough, but I will never get to savor the delightful aftertaste of victory.

I might get a whiff of contentment every now and then if I picked good enough, but I will never be able to fully immerse my heart with the lingering fragrance of satisfaction.

The stakes may be low if I chose good enough, I may be spared from enduring tumultuous emotional roller coaster rides, but what good is living if my pulse for living is dead?

If I picked good enough, I will be tuning my ears to the haunting taunts of what if’s – and that is a station that never sleeps. A station with a hefty lifetime subscription fee.

Good enough – You’re close enough. But not good enough.

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