Saying Yes

2016 will be a year that I will never forget.

2016 is the year where I grew in leaps and bounds as a person, a daughter, a lover, a Christ follower, a child, a creative, an artist, an entrepreneur and a woman.

It is the year where I expanded my vocabulary on what Yes could mean.

Saying Yes to a dream could result in failures, fear, self doubts, and the permission to look in the mirror after a long day and whisper, “It’s okay, thank you for trying.”

Saying Yes to acknowledging past hurts could dig up wells of deep buried pain, and yet bring about a soothing healing that you never thought could happen.

Saying Yes to vulnerability and honesty can open up a whole can of mess that you are not ready to deal with. But the rawness of it all allows real friendships and trusts to be formed.

Saying Yes to impossibilities will make you wonder if you are crazy and if you will make it out okay. But once you have tasted the thrill of jumping off a cliff, and how your bones don’t actually break when you land, the fear of the unknown, becomes your friend, a cheering motivation to try harder, and go bigger.

Saying Yes to a new chapter means putting a period to your present comfort, it means ending things, introducing new habits, adopting healthier ways of thinking, implementing actions that reflect self-respect, surrounding yourself with folks that see the best in you, and no matter how tempted you are to revert to your old ways, no matter how hard change seems, trudge on. And after awhile, you will look back and wonder how or when you became the healthy, happy, and whole you.

Saying Yes to what matters, means saying No to everything else, or anything that could come remotely close to robbing your Yes – Your Yes to life, to happiness, to dreams, to new beginnings, to hope; a brand new you.

Fight for your Yes.

Protect it.

Because your Yes matters.

You matter.

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